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Sweet Pick Up Lines For The Guys
Lets Go Camping Me to this hot ass girl: If you woke up in the woods and found a condom in your ass, would you tell anybody? (Short Pause.) Hot ass girl: No Way!Me: Wanna go camping?As you can probably guess she did not like that too much, but I will try it again until it works for me. If you try this one out, Good Luck! And watch out. This one was sent in by a faithfull User SoMoney
Magic Watch My magical watch here is telling me that you don't have your panties on... oh... wait... its an hour too fast. Hey Brent does this work haha?
Pearl Harbor Lets play pearl harbor I will lay down and you can blow the hell out of me. This user didnt send in a name but his email address said money and thats fits these next three pick up links well hahaha!!!!
Wrong Name Fuck me if i'm wrong but isn't your name Gretel?
Word of the day Word of the day is LEGS lets go back to my place and spread the word.
Play Games Do you like games? Lets play sandwich, you spread and I'll jam. Thanks Jason
Emmerson Is your name Emmerson?......Cuz emmerson big tities!
Parents Retarded Are your parents retarded? Because youre so special! Nice AL Nice keep them comming
Parents Terrorists Are your parents terrorists? because your the bomb! Have you used this one AL?
The Prize Fish You-Your like a prize fish. Her-Oh yeah? You-I cant decide wether to mount you or eat you.
Keg Pants Is that a keg in your pants? cuz id sure like to tap that ass!
Sex and Pizza Want to go back to my place, have sex and eat pizza? No. Why you dont like pizza?
Party Shoes There is a party in your shoes why dont we invite your panties on down?
Reflective Pants Is that a mirror in your pocket because i can see myself in your pants.
Legs Thats a nice set of legs what time do they open?
The Twinky You remind me of a Twinky every time I bite into you, you cream in my mouth.
Titantic Lets Play Titantic, when I say iceburg you go down.
Talk Later Shall we continue this conversation after sex? have you tried this Brent?
B. Henry Have you heard of the new epedemic called 'B. Henry' going around? I can inject you with a vaccine if you'd like. Thanks again Brent
Anorexic Blow Job Are you anorexic?Yeah Oh, OK, then I'll understand if you spit.
Lost Cherry I know I can't have your cherry but can I get the box it came in?
Lovely Fur My cat has lovely fur. Can I see yours?
Hairy Lap You know how your hair would look really good? No... In my lap
Fly a Kite Wanna pretend to fly a kite? I lay down, you blow and we'll see how high you can make me.
Sit Here (wiping your face), Oh I'm sorry, (wiping your face), let me clear a place for you to sit!
Cock Farm Do you live on a chicken farm (girl says no) well you sure know how to raise cocks
Squirrels! If you and I were squirrels, could I bust a nut in your hole?
Lets Box Do you wanna box? yeah. Well, get on your hands and knees and give me two blows to the head.
Beautiful Body If i said u had a beautiful body would u hold it against me!!!!???? Thanks Littlemissnave
See yours HERE! Have you pattend your own or did we forget one? See it Here!!!
Sweet Pick Up Lines For The Ladies
I must be wrong Fuck me if im wrong but you have a small dick. Thanks Rob
Show Me Your Power Roses are Red, Apples are Sour I'll Spread my legs And you can show me your power.
Hungry Beaver Wanna feed my beaver some wood?
Dicks You know how I am with dicks? I suck at it.
Want Tourists Hi. I'm like a tropical island- hot, wet, and waiting for tourists.
Easy I'm easy, but it looks like you are hard.
You're Fine Is that a speeding ticket in your back pocket?" .... "Cause you got fine written all over you
See yours HERE! Have you pattend your own or did we forget one? See it Here!!!

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